About Us

After owning a retail establishment for many years, Don Grant had a desire to enter the tree business. After working as a seasoned journeyman tree trimmer, in the year 1993 Don formed Grant's Tree Company, initially working evenings and weekends, after which he entered the industry full-time.

Right from the start, Grant's Tree Company has served both residential and commercial customers. Our services have evolved and grown through the years, ranging from tree trimming services to very large, complex jobs using cranes and other equipment. We utilize hand tools, a bucket truck, crane, and frequently climb trees to bring you the best results.

Our Team

The team at Grant's Tree Company begins with Don Grant, who customers consider likeable, hard working, trustworthy, and a man of his word. Don appreciates guiding his experienced team towards serving customers with excellence. Each day, he oversees each job, travels with his crew to homes, businesses, and real estate developments throughout Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties, and enjoys the hands-on work and getting to know each customer by their first name.

At Grant's Tree Company, we carefully hire good people with experience and set standards as to professionalism, training, quality, and safety. Customers appreciate our trusted team's warmth, friendliness and camaraderie. Anticipate about 3-6 people working on your tree job, depending on its size and complexity.

We are very particular in handling jobs properly according to industry standards and always wear hard hats and glasses. And, anytime you want us to show proof of insurance, our insurance company will send it directly to you.

We invite you to call Grant's Tree Company at (248) 681-0498.

Should you experience emergency storm work, feel free to call us or text us at (248) 563-1010.

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