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Clean up trees - Waterford, MI services include pruning, dead-wooding, elevating (cutting branches), topping the trees (when trees are too tall), trimming/removing tree limbs over a house, garage, or building.

We prune trees in a variety of ways to preserve them to be healthy and attractive. How much we prune is based on your goals for each tree, as well as its size, type/species, and age. A tree can better and more quickly recover from many small prunings than through one major pruning. Specifically, we:

  • Prune your trees to avoid utility lines.
  • Eliminate branches to add light and air flow, and lighten heavy limbs
  • Remove branches that are dead or dying, diseased, too close together, and low functioning
  • Remove lower branches to allow appropriate space between your home or building(s), vehicles, and people walking by

Tree removal - We entirely remove trees in Waterford, MI that are dying/dead or which should be removed for aesthetic purposes

Stump services - We also grind your stumps

Ornamental work - We trim/prune bushes, branches, and ornamental trees in ways that bring a clean and attractive look to your landscaping.

Emergency situations - Anytime you have an immediate need, call us at 248 563.1010, and we will be happy to come by, as soon as possible.

General tree care and maintenance - Certain trees, such as fruit and ornamental trees, should have yearly maintenance and care, which we are happy to provide

Customers like and trust Grant's Tree Company and appreciate our friendly, positive attitude, quality work, and on-time arrivals. Our repeat customers and consistent referrals represent the majority of our work and speak about our excellence. We follow through with what we say we will do and come through in a pinch when customers need us. Always, we utilize safe procedures for trimming and cutting your branches and trees. And, we completely clean up at the end of each job.

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We invite you to call Grant's Tree Company at (248) 681-0498.

Should you experience emergency storm work, feel free to call us or text us at (248) 563-1010.

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