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At Grant's Tree Company, we specialize in professionally, safely, and properly pruning and cutting trees, ornamental trees and bushes in Farmington Hills, MI. We work with homeowners, businesses, commercial property owners, real estate companies, and property development firms. We will meet with you at no charge to assess your trees and bushes and determine your specific needs.

Often, wonderful people call us to remedy a not-so-wonderful tree situation brought about by someone with a truck and a chainsaw who calls himself a tree company. We are very particular in handling jobs in Farmington Hills, MI properly according to industry standards and always wear hard hats and glasses. And, anytime you want us to show proof of insurance, our insurance company will send it directly to you.

Customers like and trust Grant's Tree Company and appreciate our friendly, positive attitude, quality work, and on-time arrivals. Our repeat customers and consistent referrals represent the majority of our work and speak about our excellence. We follow through with what we say we will do and come through in a pinch when customers need us. Always, we utilize safe procedures for trimming and cutting your branches and trees. And, we completely clean up at the end of each job.

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We invite you to call Grant's Tree Company at (248) 681-0498.

Should you experience emergency storm work, feel free to call us or text us at (248) 563-1010.

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